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My first message

I got this email within one day of setting up my site. I guess someone just really wanted to be first.

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 15:01:50 -0700
Subject: Hello Gaxun

Hello gaxun I hope this is your first message I hope your site gets you meant more messages in the future


It looks like I'm scaring some people a little. I'm trying to be mostly transparent here, but a little mystery is good. I told him it just means my site is very simple right now.

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 19:21:59 -0700
Subject: Hello Gaxun

I am interested in knowing what you mean by this:

"Gaxun is a low-tech return to a simpler web, where pages are simple and content is all that matters. No cookies, no tracking, fully inclusive."

Very mysterious I must say - I'd like to know more, and see if this ends up on your page

I love getting emails! Thanks to anyone who has mailed me so far. All of the comments I have gotten so far that aren't related to a specific page are located here:

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Maybe! It depends on how I feel about the message. Sometimes I respond with great curiosity or kind words. Other times I just read and then move on to something else. I guess it depends how the message makes me feel.

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Good question.

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